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Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award

2016 Purina Award Winner
Glade Run Irish
Oil Painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com)

The Purina Award is presented to the top All Age Brittany in the country. Points are awarded to dogs placing in one-hour All Age stakes, run under the AKC and/or the American Field. The award points are calculated starting with the National Amateur Championship to the beginning of the same event the following year. Purina dog food sponsors the award and an oil painting by Artist Ross Young (www.rossyoung.com) is presented to the winner.
Coordinator: Dr. Robert Rankin   Statistician: Steve Ralph

All-Age Award Winners
2017 NAFC/FC/AFC Glade Run IrishWebb/Tracy
2016 FC/AFC Glade Run IrishWebb/Tracy
2015 FC/AFC The Ace Of SpadeCapstick&Self
2014 FC/AFC Uncle KrackerAckerman/Tracy
2013 FC The Ace Of SpadeCapstick&Self
2012 FC/AFC Joker's JackpotRalph/John
2011 NFC/DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of BourbonMcGee
2010 DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of BourbonMcGee
2009 DC/AFC Ru-Jem's A Touch Of BourbonMcGee
2008 NFC/FC/AFC Lane's End We-Be CleanRobin/Holman
2007 NFC/DC/AFC Shady's Tia MariaLittle/Berneathy
2006 FC/AFC Lane's End We-Be CleanRobin/Holman
2005 DC/AFC Bourbon XIIIJung/Gorrow
2004 FC Buddy JacSawicki/Holman
2003 NFC/FC/AFC Leas Running Jay HawkAckerman/Rohner
2002 NFC/FC/AFC Shambo's Dark ShadowCrain/John
2001 NFC/FC/AFC Diamond Hill DanGlass/Kline
2000 FC/AFC Poki-DotFloyd/Johnson
1999 NFC/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The HoleJanulis/Holman
1998 NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's JokerTillson/John
1997 FC Shamrock Missouri MagicHaines/Holman
1996 NAFC/FC/AFC Jim DeBob's Sparks A Dan DCrain/John
1995 FC/AFC RC's SundancerRichter/Richter
1994 FC/AFC Mr Buddy BoyGraves/Holman
1993 NFC/FC/AFC Aux-Arc's MarkPride/Staton
1992 NAFC/FC/AFC Jake's Sun Of A Gun RunnerSchroder
1991 NFC/FC/AFC Bernie Of The BriarpatchAyres/Staton
1990 FC/AFC Rimarda's TrademarkChase/Holman
1989 NFC/FC Franklin County BanditTrimble/Holman
1988 NFC/DC Markar's Jac's A Dan DWeisz/Holman
1987 NFC/FC Minnehaha's TammyRankin/Johnson
1986 NFC/DC Markar's Jac's A Dan DWeisz/Holman
Points calculated as follows
Stakes with no qualifying series:
    1st - 8 x number of starters
    2nd - 6 x number of starters
    3rd - 4 x number of starters
    4th - 2 x number of starters
Stakes with a qualifying series:
    1st - 10 x number of starters
    2nd - 8 x number of starters
    3rd - 6 x number of starters
    4th - 4 x number of starters

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