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Magazine Submit Deadlines:
January Issue - December 1
February Issue - January 1
March Issue - February 1
April Issue - March 1
May Issue - April 1
June Issue - May 1
July Issue - June 1
August Issue - July 1
September Issue - August 1
October Issue - September 1
November Issue - October 1
December Issue - November 1
Please send Advertisements, Articles and Photos to:
  American Brittany Club
  Webster County Printing
  PO Box 616
  Marshfield, MO 65706
  Phone: 417-468-6250
  Fax #: 417-468-5860
To purchase extra magazines, Brittany Primers and Judges Books:
  American Brittany Club
  Webster County Printing
  PO Box 616
  Marshfield, MO 65706
  Phone: 417-468-6250
  Fax #: 417-468-5860

Important Notice:
Avoid unnecessary delays! Apply or Renew your ABC Membership today.

Send all Membership Applications, Renewals and Inquiries directly to:
  American Brittany Club
  c/o Deb Rudert
  P. O. Box 503
  Orefield, PA 18069
  Phone: 610-248-2394

Credit Card renewals can be processed by Email or by phone between the hours of 9 am to 4pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.

Deadline to submit items to the Magazine for printing: Please send/email Advertisements, Articles and Photos to the Publisher. When submitting write-ups or articles in document files that have photos/graphics placed in them, please send the individual photos as jpg files, as I cannot export the photo out of the files for printing in the magazine.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: $50.00 per year (mailed via second class postage); First Class Postage available in the United States $75.00 and Canada, $95.00 per year; Please contact the American Brittany Club for rates to other countries; Single copies, $4.00 per copy.

MAILING LISTS: We sometimes make lists of our members available to mailers of goods and services that may interest you. If you do not wish to receive their mailings, please write to us at The American Brittany Club, P.O. Box 503, Orefield, PA 18069.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Send change of address to The American Brittany Club, P.O. Box 503, Orefield, PA 18069. Magazines are mailed via second class postage, which is not forwarded in most instances. Address changes must be received by the deadline dates below to be effective.


ALL BUSINESS ON A CASH BASIS. There will be no credit and no billing.

Date of Issue: 1st of the month.

*Listings: Breeders, Kennels, At Stud, Trainers & Handlers are $60 per year for a standard ad (6 lines); $10 each additional line. Web Sites are $10 per line per year, maximum 3 lines (no advertising unless it's part of your site address). Additions, changes and renewals can be made, when received by the closing date of current issue in publication.

*Show Case: Display your winner for $60. Ad size (including copy and photo) not to exceed 1/2 page. This Ad is available in black and white only. Dogs completing a Dual Championship will be featured free (send confirmation of titles) if a file photo is used. $10 charge if a new photo is used.

*Stake Out: Rate $10, maximum 40 words, $.25 per additional word.

*Display Advertising                                Color    Black&White 
 Full page                                          $260         $120
 1/2 page                                           $180          $70
 1/4 page                                           $120          $50
 1/8 page                                            $80          $30
 Inside Cover pages, front & back, when available.  $260           -
 Back Cover, when available.                        $260           -
 ONE FREE PICTURE PER AD, each additional.           $10          $10
 Color Reports: Rate $150 per colored page.

Payment must accompany all advertising orders.
Mastercard and Visa accepted.
10% Discount for 6 months paid in advance on all display ads.
25% Discount for 12 months paid in advance on all display ads.

Pictures: New pictures $10 each. Photos should be sharp black & white or color, high resolution digital preferred (no smaller than 4" x 6"). Photos will be returned if return post-age is enclosed; all other photographs will remain on file. No retouched photos will be published. Pictures will be reused at the discretion of the Publisher, free of charge. Policy is to try to use picture of each dog once during a trial season.

Field Trial/Specialty Show/Hunt Test Reports: Reports and $2.00 per starter should be sent within 10 days to Secretary Mary Jo Trimble. Reports published in the order they are received. Electronic reports are suggested in .doc, .rtf or .txt format. Show: BOB picture free, additional photos $10 each, all photos paid for are kept on file for future use at the discretion of the Publisher. No report held more than 2 months for pictures. Reports that are not legible may be returned. Publisher is not responsible for errors in illegible reports.

Articles: Specially written articles as contributions are desired. No articles will be returned unless accompanied by return postage.

Electronic/Digital File Submissions: A complete listing is available to download online at Electronic Submission Information. Call and/or e-mail the Publisher for more information.

*OFA Certificate number MUST accompany all copy (or be on file with the AMERICAN BRITTANY magazine). All ads for Stud Dogs or Dogs For Sale must show OFA status if over 2 years of age. Ads for puppies or dogs under 2 years of age must show the OFA status- of both parents if known. The American Brittany Club assumes no responsibility for the truthfulness of claims by its advertisers. We reserve the right to edit for space considerations on all submissions.

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