The following is the motion to confirm that the number 20 will be used for 2nd place to qualify a dog for the National Open Gun Dog Championship. I have set this up on the regular schedule for votes but the sooner we know your feelings, the sooner Cheryl can go back through her files and find any dogs that will now qualify under these conditions. Please discuss and get back to me as soon as possible.

Mary Jo Trimble
ABC Secretary

Motion by: Ray Gorman, East Coast Director
Seconded by: David Smith, East Coast Director
Date Motion Made: June 23, 2009
Discussion Only: Wed., June 24 Tues, June 30, 2009 (7 days)
Votes Accepted: Wed., July 1 Sun. July 5, 2009 (5 days)
Final Tabulation: Midnight July 5, 2009 or when all votes are received.

Motion: Due to a typographical error in the National Open Gun Dog Qualifications and subsequent approval by the AKC and posting of those qualifications to the membership, I move that we keep the change of requiring 20 dogs necessary for a second place in a 30 minute stake to qualify for the NOGD Championship instead of the 25 that was in past wording.

Rationale: The qualifications submitted to AKC in January contained the number 20 instead of 25 for 2nd place to qualify dogs for the NOGD Championship. The error was not caught until June 23rd. AKC had already approved Qualifications for 2009 and the membership was notified of those changes earlier in the year. This motion will verify that ABC will use the number 20 instead of 25 in the NOGD Championship Qualifications.