2008 National Specialty Show

April 3, 2008

American Brittany Clubs, Members and Folks,


This is the new Email address for trophy matters for the 2008 ABC National Specialty, and later years. We ask that you use this address for all Trophy Reservations, and for contacts with the Trophy Co-Chair, it will soon be linked on the ABC Website, with an easy order form for trophy reservations, member communications and other inquiries about Trophy matters. This address, our phone, postal address & the new form will appear in the ABC Magazine shortly, for those who wish to mail their reservations to us, or contact us by phone. We invite your comments and questions.

The "BOOK" is open. A list of Unreserved Trophies is on the ABC Website, under "Upcoming Nationals,Trophy Sponsorship". The list of unreserved trophies will be updated from time to time, and posted on the ABC Website up to the Show closing date in October. We are now doing a mass Mailing & Emailing to all Club Secretarys, and some of our past sponsors and members announcing the 2008 Trophy Drive. A summer break will be announced, later.

As in the past, Trophy reservations will be filled on a first come basis, so so it would be a good idea to be thinking of a 2nd & 3rd choice. Each sponsor will be notified by mail or Email, if they have reserved a trophy, class or place in a class, and they are asked to send payment in that notice within two weeks, so that they are considered Reserved. If two weeks goes by without payment, that particular trophy will be placed back on the Unreserved list. Support amounts will be the same as in 07.

You may continue to use our personal email address for any questions or other contacts you may desire. WE are already looking for Artwork items for the 2008 ABC National Specialty, and can use your items, ideas and contacts.

Sandy & Tom Schrank,
2008 National Specialty Trophy Co-Chair
512 786 0939
802 shady hollow, georgetown,tx 78628