Mid - Term Report of Reservation of Trophies & Classes
2007 National Specialty Show

The Good News is that we have a good start on our quest for Trophy and Class sponsors. As of the close of our trophy reservation Book, we are near the 50% mark. We will again REOPEN the Book on August 15, after a summer break. We do have a fair number of Regional Clubs as sponsors, about one in ten. We guess the Clubs are waiting to decide about sponsorship, as the Show date gets nearer. Individual Members make up the vast majority of Class / Trophy Sponsors. Rally, Obedience, and Jr's Showmanship, are really in need of Sponsors.

As Trophy Co-Chair, our main goal is to have almost all trophies and class places sponsored by Regional Clubs and Individual members, rather than be a drain on the Show budget, or ABC budget. Some of our Members will travel over 1000 miles, each way, come November 24th. WE are all painfully aware of what it costs to attend almost any show, much less the National Specialty, but, we must realize the rising costs ABC faces in putting on the Nationals, as well. ABC needs support, in both areas, in FT Smith and at Booneville. For information, see page 6 of the May issue of ABC Magazine.

To remind our members, we are required by AKC to have on hand - each Trophy, Prize, Ribbon and Class award that is published in our Show Premium list. Because of this rule, we have to order and pay for each trophy NOW in order to have it produced or made and delivered to us by show time. Hence, the reason for starting the sponsorship drive early, and for "pestering y'll" for payment, once you have reserved your Class or Trophy. For 2007, we will have Class and Place Trophies similar to last year, although colors will change, SO,... y'll have a chance to complete your set ! !

This year we are hoping to surpass last years sponsorship total, by getting more than 90% of the Trophy Budget from contributions. Thank you for your support ! ! !

Sandy & Tom Schrank, Trophy Co-Chair
802 shady hollow, georgetown,tx, 78628
dated: July 4th, 2007