Field Trial Reporting form


1. Please use the following report form when filling out your field trial report
(If you cannot download, ask Mary Jo to mail you one to copy.)

If this form is NOT used, we have no idea if the stake was an HOUR stake or if the handler was an AMATEUR. If we don't have the correct data, then we might miss a dogs points for the Purina Award and worse yet may miss a dog getting its qualifications for the Nationals. We don't want that to happen, so we're asking for your help. Please contact your club field trial chairman and secretaries and tell them to use this form when filling out placements and getting judges signatures. The added plus is that this form can then be copied and sent to AKC, ABC, the American Field, and the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America.

2. You also need to include a copy of the Secretary's Reporting page to AKC so that we know which stakes you actually ran and which were canceled. We can't tell if you forgot to include the sheet for a stake or if the stake was canceled and this necessitates writing and asking. Please save us some time and let us know if stakes are canceled.

3. ABC does not need copies of Judges' Affirmation Forms or entry blanks. You do not need to type results separately, just use the correct form.

We really appreciate those many clubs who already use the ABC form.

Mary Jo Trimble, Executive Secretary
Steve Ralph, Purina Points & Webmaster
Mary Karbiner, Statistician
Dee Hempfield, Managing Editor