4 motions regarding the National Specialty Show
July 7, 2006

The Board of Directors considered 4 email motions during May regarding the National Specialty Show. All four motions were made by Gary Smith, Midwest Director and seconded by Bobbie Sigmund, East Coast Director. Discussion time was between May 19 through May 26, 2006 and voting took place between May 27 through May 31, 2006. Motions, rationale, and vote totals follow.
Mary Jo Trimble
ABC Secretary

Motion # 1: I move that entry fees for the national specialty show be raised $5.00 per entry from the 2005 show amount with the exception of junior showmanship which shall remain the same.

Rationale: At the 2005 BOD meeting, the Board asked 3rd Vice President Nancy Anderson to review national specialty show expenses and entry fees and review anticipated expenses for 2006 and make a recommendation as to this year's fees, This year, the cost of the show will increase quite a bit. The cost of the show superintendent has risen considerably due to the increase in the cost of fuel as well as other costs which have risen since 2005. the raise of $5 should cover the increase in costs if the num of entries remains the same as last year.

Motion Passed: Voting Yes 14: R. Gorman, K. Patterson, G. Smith, H. Engel, G. Theilen, D. Smith, B. Sigmund, R. Lisius, J. Brigham, J. Chase, E. Janulis, E. Tillson, D. Lincoln; H. Hartnek 0 No Votes; Not Voting 1: B. Ackerman, .

Motion # 2: I move that the number of Awards of Merit which may be presented at the annual National Specialty Show shall be determined by the number of dogs actually competing in the ring: 1-5 dogs = 1, 6-10 dogs = 2, 11-15 = 3, 16-20 = 4, 21 or more =5.

Rationale: This is a policy common to any breed's national specialty show.
ABC has never formerly established such a policy. The number (up to 5) was based on the number of Awards of Merit awarded at the AKC National Championships--based on the number of entries. Last year at our specialty, 7 awards were given out. I believe that 8 ribbons were prepared. We need a fixed number so the judge will know how many he or she may award if the judge feels that number is deserving of the award and the person in charge of the ribbons and rosettes will know how many to order. The Award of Merit should be a prestigious award based on the competition in Best of Breed; not every dog shown as a champion in this competition is necessarily deserving of this award but rather the judge can select dogs who did not win Best of Breed, Best of Opposite or Best of Winners as animals deserving as worthy of recognition for their quality.

Motion Failed: Voting Yes 5: R. Gorman, K. Patterson, G. Smith, H. Engel, G. Theilen; Voting No 9: D. Smith, B. Sigmund, R. Lisius, J. Brigham, J. Chase, E. Janulis, E. Tillson, D. Lincoln, H. Hartnek Not Voting 1: B. Ackerman,.

Motion # 3: I move that the American Brittany Club award the Dennis P. Jordan DVM Memorial Trophy to Andrea Jordon Lane who has won the Best of Breed at the ABC National Specialty Show three times and replace it with one donated by Becky Rao. The same rules for winning as are currently in effect would apply: that for permanent pocession, it must be won three (3) times by the same owner, not necessarily with the same dog, nor at consecutive shows. The name of the winning dog will be maintained by the current recipient until the next year’s specialty.

Rationale: Follows procedure as outlined in the policy book page 37, #21 and #23.
ABC BOD votes to accept trophies donated by individuals for traveling awards. Becky Rao has graciously offered to furnish a traveling trophy which is to be awarded to Best of Breed at our National Specially. She has gone to a great deal of expense to select a trophy which is very beautiful as befitting a National Winner. We need the motion so that the award may be presented at the 2006 National Specialty.

Motion Passed: Voting Yes 12, R. Gorman, B. Sigmund, R. Lisius, K. Patterson, J. Brigham, J. Chase, E. Janulis, E. Tillson, G. Smith, H. Engel, G. Theilen; H. Hartnek Voting No 2: D. Smith, D. Lincoln; Not Voting 1: B. Ackerman

Motion # 4: The National Show Chairman/3rd Vice President shall be eligible to handle and compete at the National Specialty Show in agility, obedience and rally competitions with dogs either solely owned or co-owned by him or her. The National Show Chairman/3rd Vice President will not handle or enter into conformation competition any dogs solely owned by him or her, but dogs co-owned by him or her but not handled by him or her shall be eligible for conformation competition. at the National Specialty Show.

Rationale: (As supplied by 3rd Vice President Nancy Anderson)
The reason is that I am presently training my Brittanys in rally and want the opportunity to compete at Nationals if they and I am ready. Rally, agility and obedience are competitions where one competes against a standard and not other dogs. Also my daughter and I co-own all of our dogs and I have to keep changing registrations in order for her to handle them at Nationals. It gets expensive changing owners twice a year and may end up with something going wrong such as lost papers, etc. I don't believe that the show chairman should compete in the conformation ring at Nationals since he or she has a great deal of contact with the judges, but the dogs and co-owners shouldn't be penalized.

Secretary’s note: The above motion would replace Item # 26, page 37, enacted 2004 in the ABC Policy Book.

Motion Passed: Voting Yes 13: R. Gorman, B. Sigmund, R. Lisius, K. Patterson, J. Brigham, J. Chase, E. Janulis, E. Tillson, D. Lincoln, G. Smith , H. Engel, G. Theilen; H. Hartnek; Voting No 1: D. Smith; Not Voting 1: B. Ackerman