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To: All American Kennel Club Event Participants
Regarding: AKC Online Entry Processing

The Dog Show Superintendents Association (DSSA) was formed in August 2002 to represent professional Superintendents in all-important matters impacting them and the Fancy overall and to bring well-defined responses and discussion to the dog showing public.

The Association feels attention needs to be brought to this topic and that your opinions deserve to be heard.

  • The DSSA has been engaged in a dialogue with the AKC since January, 2004 regarding AKC plans for an online entry service:

  • In May 2004, the majority of the Board voted to approve "the exploration and development of an AKC Online Entry System."

  • DSSA has informed and polled the Delegate body and found a large majority were not in favor of an AKC online entry service.

  • Taking entries is a normal part of a superintendent’s duties. Superintending organizations already provide online entry systems for exhibitors in conformation, obedience, agility, and various performance events. The exhibitor needs are already fulfilled competitively and governed by the AKC among the licensed superintendents.

  • The DSSA strongly believes development of an AKC online entry service is a conflict of interest.

  • If AKC continues with the development of an online entry service there are many consequences and alternatives.

  • If you are associated with a kennel club, you may want to discuss this at your next meeting and if you have a Delegate, let him or her know your club’s opinion.

If you would like to know more and share your opinion please follow this link.