2005 ABC Membership Dues Change

January 5, 2005

Just a reminder to Club Secretaries and Officers:
In 2003 the membership voted to lift the ABC dues ceiling of $25.00 At the 2003 Board of Directors meeting, the BOD raised the membership fee to $30.00 effective January 1, 2005, as per policy book directives. Secretaries who send member dues to the ABC should remit $20 to the ABC and keep $10 for the regional Club. Associate dues remained at $3.00 with clubs remitting $1.00 to ABC to have the Associates names listed on the club membership roster. Dues should be sent to Linda Langford, ABC Membership Data Chair. Her contact information and new forms can be found on the ABC website: http://www.theamericanbrittanyclub.org.

We have also added a line for people who gift a membership to someone. We are going to have a campaign this year asking that each member donate one membership to someone new to help the ABC grow. Credits will be announced in the magazine from time to time so you can track how we are doing.

Have a great New Year.

Mary Jo Trimble
ABC Secretary