The following letter will be mailed in a packet to club secretaries the end of May or first week of June. Please share the information with event secretaries as much applies to them in reporting their trials, shows, and hunt tests. The packet will include a CD with the 2003 Policy Book, the pages changed so that you may print them out and insert in hard copy policy books, a list of your regional club members, a list of ABC life members, new application for clubs to renew member dues, and new reporting form for field trials along with President Zook’s letter concerning the form.

May 20, 2004

Dear Club Secretaries:

Enclosed please find the Policy Book Disk which reflects the changes the Board of Directors made at the 2004 BOD Meeting. A separate section is included on the disk so that you can print out the pages that were changed and insert in your hard copy of the Policy Book. If you are no longer the secretary, please pass this on to the new one along with the hardcopy of the Policy Book.

PLEASE ask your event secretaries to make clear dark copies of their field trial results. People seem to be scanning them and do not make copies that I can scan and send on to several different people. These need to be in black and white and not in color. If the copies cannot be reproduced, we may ask you to redo or the information that is unreadable will be omitted in the magazine. Please print clearly and dark enough to copy. Also, please ask them to get a Receipt of Mailing (not a signature required form) to verify the mailing so they have proof and I don’t have to drive to town to pick up the results. We go by postmark and not date received. If they are spending $14 to send overnight, they are wasting club money as it makes no difference when they are received, just when they are mailed as far as penalties go. Photos and write-ups may be sent directly to Managing Editor, Dee Hemp field. Do no send reports or write-ups to the Magazine.

I have enclosed a list of your current membership as of May 18, 2004. I set the Expiration date back to show those whose dues were current as of January 1, 2004. If you find individuals whose dues expired during the first few months of 2004, you should contact them and see if they would like to renew. I will email Regional Club lists to the clubs that I have an email address. If I have none, I will include the Regional Lists in this packet. My computer crashed in March and I lost a lot of email addresses. If you do not have email but could appoint someone else in the club to receive emails, it would sure help in the future for disseminating information quickly. Please have them email me to be put on the club secretaries list.

If you run your trials under both AKC and American Field sanctions, you will find the new reporting form to be useful. If your trial is only run under the AKC, it will not be necessary to fill in some of the blanks such as color, FDSB #, etc. Please indicate hour stakes and amateur handlers as that helps us to determine dogs qualified for the nationals. AKC, AFTCA, American Field, have all approved our use of the form.

If you have questions about the Membership List, please contact Linda Langford. We cannot correct a problem we do not know about. Remember to send your renewals to Linda and not the magazine.

If you know of someone who wants to run for Director, please have them contact a member of the nominating committee from your region. See list on page 6 of the April ’04 magazine. We will be asking candidates to submit answers to a short questionnaire this year so the membership will get to know a little bit about them and their interests.

Thank you for all your hard work and help to me during the last few years. I do enjoy getting to work with you and hope to meet all of you at sometime.

Mary Jo Trimble, Executive Secretary


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