To: All Regional Club Officers, Secretaries and Field Trial Secretaries, ABC Officers and Directors
From: Ron Zook, President
Date: 05/24/04
Re: New Field Trial Reporting Form

A new field trial reporting form has been designed to replace the several forms currently being used to submit field trial results to the American Kennel Club, the American Field and The Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America. This new form combines the information presently contained in the AKC blue form, the AF and AFTCA forms. You will only need to fill out one form, and make LEGIBILE copies for submission to the three organizations. All three of these organizations have been contacted and have given ABC written approval, to accept results on this form.

The use of this form is strongly encouraged but is not mandatory. LEGIBILE data submitted on this form is necessary for records kept by the ABC Executive Secretary, the ABC Statistician, the American Brittany Magazine Managing Editor, as well as the sanctioning organizations. Further the National Championship Field Trial Secretaries must have accurate, legible information to verify qualified entrants. We would appreciate your NOT submitting results on computer generated running orders. These reports must be scanned and emailed to numerous people, the extra pages occupy computer space and waste paper when printed. Further, they become less legible with each reproduction.

We are making a strong effort to make the publication of the American Brittany more timely. LEGIBILITY and ACCURACY of event results is a big problem and contributes significantly to delays in preparing the magazine for publication. Poor quality copies, [the blue books do not copy very well],scribbled judges names, omission of critical information, sloppy writing, all contribute to making others work more time consuming and frustrating. Frequently it is necessary for the Executive Secretary to go to the AKC website to obtain information to complete your reports.

Following a trial, when submitting the AKC report, this new form will replace the blueforms. Please submit one form for each stake along with the Field Trial Secretaries Report to the AKC. If your trial is sanctioned by the AF and the AFTCA, this new form will be substituted for the Essential Data Form. In the event your trial is not sanctioned by the AF or AFTCA please leave the following items blank; FDSB#, For dogs Whelped On........,and Color of Dog.

Quantities of blank copies of this form will not be supplied to you by ABC, AKC,AF, or AFTCA, which will necessitate you making copies for your use. The form will be available on the ABC Website for downloading.

We are asking for your cooperation in streamlining field trial paper work and improving the quality [LEGIBILITY and ACCURACY] of this necessary information. We belive the fact this change will consolidate your work to one form and will be a substancial improvement for all concerned. If you have any questions please contact Tom Milam, First Vice President at 254-829-1498 or .

copies to:
Gordon Heldebrandt AKC
Dee Hempfield, ABC
Bernie Matthys AF
Rheta Cartmell, ABC
Linda Hunt AFTCA


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