2004 Highlights of the ABC Board of Directors’ Meeting & Membership Meeting
Booneville, Arkansas
November 27, 2004
1.  Added to policy for National Specialty Show that no judge once hired for the National
    Specialty be hired  again for a 10 year period in that particular capacity.  
    (i.e.  a judge hired to do Sweepstakes not be hired twice in a 10 year period for 
    Sweeps but could be hired for Conformation.  
    Motion is retroactive for the last 10 year period.

2.  Added to policy for National Specialty Show that the 3rd Vice President and/or
    National Specialty Show Chair not be allowed to enter any dogs owned or 
    co-owned by them in the National Specialty.

3.  Motion to allow the Executive Secretary, with approval of the BOD,
    to use the ABC Logo to promote the Brittany.  

4.  Formalize current unwritten policy requiring an Open Gun Dog Stake be conducted 
    in walking trials into written policy.

5.  Updated wording in policy book regarding what should be sent to the
    Membership Chairman instead of the magazine.

6.  Voted to continue running on the Booneville grounds for the next 3 years.

7.  Voted to increase continuing donations from the Breed Issues Fund to 
    Sportsman’s Alliance and National Animal Interest Alliance.

8.  Voted to donate $5,000 this year to the Marv Nelson Genetic Research Fund
    with $1000 a year to be donated in following years from the Breed Issues Fund.

9.  Clarify National Qualifications to indicate that a dog winning a national 
    open when handled by an amateur also be qualified for life in the national
    amateur stake the same as the national open.

10.  Added 4th place in hour stakes with 20 dogs as a qualifying placement for all
     national stakes. (Currently 1-3)

11.  Adjusted advertising rates for inside back cover of magazine to $260 and 
     lowered rates for 1/2 page color ad to $180.

12.  Authorized purchase of 2 plaques listing National Winners to be displayed 
     at site of the national championships.

13.  Hall of Fame members will no longer be required to pay annual dues.

14.  Regional Club Officers or Event Secretaries may request additional
     copies of membership lists for a fee of $10.  (Clubs are sent updated lists quarterly.)

15.  Magazine authorized to charge actual cost of postage for requested lst class mailings
     or foreign postage.

16.  Pointing Breed Advisory Committee Delegate to propose to the AKC PBA Committee 
     that hunting test dogs be allowed to wear tracking collars.

17.  Decided to not support the proposal to Pointing Breed Advisory Committee 
     regarding a national Master Hunt Test until more information on the specific proposal
     is available.

18.  Pointing Breed Advisory Committee Delegate to propose to the AKC PBA Committee
     that the ABC would like to see the Derby Win be restored as qualifying placement
     to enter limited stakes.

19.  Added additional duties to the 2nd Vice President to work with clubs 
     who are failing and to work with steps to increase membership.

20.  Voted to encourage AKC to approve the DNA Library which would work in conjunction 
     with the Marv Nelson Fund.

21.  Elected Tom Milam as lst VP, Nancy Anderson as 3rd VP, and Mary Jo Trimble as Secretary.

22.  Elected Loyd Budd and Francis Classen to the ABC People Hall of Fame.

23.  Elected Rob & Carol Richter’s R.C.'s Sundancer, “ Rudy” to the ABC Dog Hall of Fame.

24.  Encourage each member to give one membership to someone and encourage
     each club to donate to the Marv Nelson Fund.
25.  Members present at Membership Meeting elected Mary Jo Trimble a Life Member.

26.  Directors Elected by vote of the membership:
     East Coast:  Ray Gorman
     East Central:  Bo Ackerman
     Central: Jim Chase
     Midwest:  Dave Lincoln
     West:  Gordon Theilen

27.  Ballot Amendment passed.  An Officer of the ABC (Pres., any VP, Sec. or Trea) may not 
     serve concurrently as a director.