Marvin D. Nelson, Jr. Memorial Fund
for Studies of Brittany Health & Genetic Research

A memorial fund has been established at the University of California at Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Companion Animal Health in memory of Marvin D. Nelson, Jr.

The family of Marvin Nelson Jr. established this memorial as a tribute to the three generations of Nelsons who helped to make this breed great. Marvin Nelson Sr., was one of the founding members of the Southern Kansas Brittany Club and owned 1966 National Amateur Champion, FC/AFC Towsey's Bub. Marvin Jr. owned the 1998 National Amateur Champion, FC/AFC Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone. Marvin Jr.'s daughter, Fran Savage DVM, was actively involved in field trials and shows, and as a veterinarian had considerable impact on medical research related to the health of the Brittany.

The purpose of this memorial is to find solutions to better understand and prevent leading inherited defects, cancer and other genetic diseases related to the Brittany. This will be a first for our breed, having specific medical research just for the Brittany. Dr. Gordon Theilen, initiator of the Center before he retired, has agreed to keep all donor and Brittany lovers updated on research in the Brittany being conducted at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Center for Companion Animal Health in an annual report. One study is presently in progress, the comparison of the Brittany DNA profile to that of other breeds. The American Brittany Club Board of Directors voted to establish a Brittany DNA library at CCAH, Division of Veterinary Genetics, in conjunction with the AKC Health Foundation. Upon approval from AKC, the Brittany along with two or three other breeds will be in a pilot project to collect DNA samples from as many dogs as are voluntarily made available, including litters, to study genetic defects, cancer, health and traits. This opportunity was made possible because of the establishment of the Marvin D. Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund. For more information, go to the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL).

Monetary donations of $500 or more will be recognized on the Marvin D. Nelson Jr. Memorial Plaque hanging in the CCAH building. Anyone may donate to this endowment, just specify in your donation "support for the CCAH Marvin D. Nelson Memorial Fund." To make a donation, go to Making a Donation.

Studies, Updates & Publications

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Marvin D Nelson Jr. Brittany Health Studies Committee

President: Dr. Gordon Theilen, Dixon, CA
Dr. Bo Acherman, Clermont, GA
Leslie Andreas, Canada andreas@saskel.cnet
Joe Bevier, Portland, Or.
Jessica Carlson, Boise, Id.
Jim & Janet Chase, Red Bud, Il.
Cary Crum, Reedly, Ca
Karen Fujikawa & Barry Koepke, Castle Rock, Co.
Larry Hagedorn, Andover, Ks
Hank & Dee Hartnek, Sierra Vista, AZ
Dr. Brian Hendrickson, Bidwell, OH
Tom White & Dr. Margret Horstmeyer, San Bernardino, Ca
Marty Nelson, Kilmarneck, VA
Diana Kubitz, Battle Creek, MI
Maryilynne Little, Enumclaw, Wa.
Jan Moser, Irvington, VA
Kent Patterson, Kranklin,TN
Lisa Pollock, Medford Lakes, NJ
Steve Ralph, Forest Lake, MN
Dr. Michael Siegel, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Carla Simon, Calgary, Canada
David Smith, Nashua, NH
Tore Sorensen, Norway
Marvin & Karen Stout, Converse, IN
Laura Wilder, Bryan, TX

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