• Versatile Dog Application [PDF]
  • ABC Versatile Dog and Versatile Dog Excellent Titles

    • Awards will begin in 2015 and dogs that have previously qualified will be eligible for the VD and VDE titles if both they and their owners meet the qualifications.
    • The Versatile Dog committee will consist of a Chair and committee members with expertise in each of the categories (field, show, & performance.)
    • All owners of a dog must be current members (full or associates) of the American Brittany Club by March 1st of the current calendar year for the dog to be eligible for Versatile Dog and Versatile Dog Excellent Title Awards for that year. (Please note: the associate membership is only available to individuals who reside in the same household as a current full member. Also, Associate Memberships do not include voting privileges in club matters.)
    • Versatile Dog Committee will provide form to be filled out for awards that require owners to submit information. Owners are responsible for tracking their dog’s qualification for titles and to submit the completed application for title to the coordinator.
    • The Versatile Dog program will be evaluated in 2016 for changes to the program starting the 2017.
    • The Versatile Dog award presentation will be held with an ABC event (ABC Summer Specialty, Gun Dog Nationals, National Specialty, or All-Age Nationals) Individuals unable to attend will be mailed their certificates. All owners will receive a certificate.
    • The Versatile Dog Coordinator shall keep a listing of all Versatile Dog Title recipients and the list shall be published on the American Brittany Club website.
    • Dogs who have been awarded a Versatile Dog (VD) or Versatile Dog Excellent (VDE) title may include this information as a suffix to their dogs registered name. This title is an American Brittany Club title and not an American Kennel Club title.
    • Costs associated with this award will be minimal for printing and mailing of title certificates.

    ABC Versatile Dog Excellent (VDE)

    Dog's name Registration Owner Breeder
    CH Top Shelf's Simple Pleasures, SH, CDX, RN, MX, MXJ, MXF SR10013610 Wendy Archinal Wendy Archinal & Nancy Morabito
    DC Sunquest's Marsport Manhattan, CD,RAE3,SH,RATO, CGCA SR16558903 Hank Hartnek & Linda Dee Hartnek John & Karen Marsman
    CH MACH Mariad Thats My Point Bigoak JH MXG MJC MXF T2B SR19763502 Mariann Jackson & John Jackson Louise M Brown
    CH Rj's Symply Divine RN JH OA MXJ SR34049604 Sandra & William Moruzzi Robert & Joyce Wire
    CH AFC Wind Mtn's Enchantress of Three B MH, RN, CGC SR16073801 Connie Strom Connie Strom
    CH Swift River's Solo Attraction, JH BN RE AX AXJ OAP OJP NF SN59342301 Frances Phillips & Patricia John Frances & Douglas Phillips
    GCH CH Illusion's Hot Topic JH MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF SN93083701 Abbie & Charles Hanson Abbie & Charles Hanson
    CH Requet's Pistol Britt, CD SE485913 Diane Requet Bob Burchett
    GCH CH Sandstone Iz I Adorable, MH NAJ SR55037003 Linda Allen Janet and Michael Ranney
    GCH CH Triumphant Absolute Liberty of Kinship, JH MX MSJ MJB OF T2B SR1822902 Kimberly Hatton Linda McCartney-Roy & Linda Sawyer
    GCH Sunquest Cimmaron Catch The Wind, MH RN CGC RATO SR42075406 Linda Dee Hartnek & Hank Hartnek John Marsman
    CH MACH 4 Top Shelf's Crown Royal, JH MXG2 MJS2 MXF MFB TQX SR10013618 Andrea Lea Wendy Archinal & Nancy Morabito
    CH MACH Millette's Don't Stop Believin' JH MXG MJS OF SR56126905 Beverly Millette, Michelle Millette, Carol Dugan Andrea Lee
    GCH DC AFC Havapal's Rev Me Up Repeat VCD1 BN RE SH OA OAJ NAP OJP NFP SR44353307 Robert Kossel Julie Asmus
    CH RJ's Paddington Bear FDX CD SR61807007 Ann Harris Joyce & Robert Wire
    CH Marsport's Freckled Field Flower, MH, OA, OF, NAJ, CD SR57802203 Janet Barth Larry Snider & Peggy Snider
    CH MACH Brookewoods Shooting Star, UD, RA, JH, MXS, MJS SN50112802 E. Susan Drazek Cindy Miller & Russ Walborn
    CH MACH 2 Keili's Star Sapphire UDX, OM1, RN, JH, MXG, MJC SN79375801 E. Susan Drazek E. Susan Drazek
    CH AFC Requets Above And Beyond RN JH SR01536809 Kristi Anglen & Diane Requet Diane Requet
    CH Power's Amazin' Zoey AX MXJ XF SR43573901 Robert W. Power James Morris
    GCH CH Rustins Jeweler's Apprentice MXB4 MJB4 MXF T2B3 SR42596806 Colleen Driscoll & Aimee Schilling Colleen Driscoll & Aimee Schilling
    GCH CH Credit Kaze's Rock N Reign JH MX AXJ OF CGC VD SR80957502 Christine and Steven Harrison Victoria MacVicar, Robert J Howell & Jessie Schulz
    GCH CH Brigadier's Check Your Six MHA DS SR80022501 Mike and Julie Lee Mike and Julie Lee , Phil and Amy Booth
    CH Gugin's Prime Cut JH NA OAJ SR82058802 Tommy Thomas & Linda Thomas Cassandra & Jeffrey Gugin
    CH Marsport's Here's Johnny MH RN NA NAJ TKN SR3519808 Linda Allen John Marsman
    CH MACH3 Big Oaks Some Patience Required of Mariad, MXB2 MJB2 MJB2 MFB TQX T2B SR73684509 Mariann & John Jackson Louise M Brown & Barbara D Brannan

    ABC Versatile Dog (VD)

    Dog's name Registration Owner Breeder
    CH Labyrinth Read All About It, RN SR64253604 Karen Hanson Karen Hanson
    GCH CH Sunquest Wind Dancer of Starvue, BN, RN, CGCA SR57657010 Dee & Hank Hartnek Melissa Barwick, Kimberly Barwick & Linda Dee Hartnek
    CH Triumphant Logan Razin Kane RN JH SR05016402 Sandra Moruzzi Linda McCartney & Kristyn McCartney
    CH Goldstar's Hot Attraction, JH OF OA NAJ NJP SR56410702 Mary & Zachary Walker Pat John
    CH Diamond Creek's Whoa Nellie, CD RN JH NAJ CGC SR64605501 David & Amy Budke David & Amy Budke
    CH Diamond Creek's Country Boy From Copley, RN BN JH CGC SR68837307 David & Amy Budke Robin Tomasi & Barbara Dayton
    CH Dogwood Hollow Strike The Gold, SH RAE SR59012704 Helen Marie Capps Geri & Gary Clements & Cheryl Mika
    CH FarOut Fields Lunar Eclipse, CDX BN GN GO JH SR58168305 Lou Ann McGahey Jackie Arnold
    CH N. Penn's Electric Magic, CD, RN, JH, NA, NAJ, CGC SR18687402 David & Amy Budke Robert Williams
    CH . Mt View's Calamity Jane, CD RN JH NA NAJ CGC SR13356608 David & Amy Budke J. Saranchak, M. Breinniger, A. Gulycz
    CH Triumphant's Too Hot To Touch, CD RN JH CGC SR28039902 David & Amy Budke Linda McCartney Roy
    CH Swift River's Believe I Can, JH BN RE NA NAJ NF OFP NAP NJP SR33049101 Patricia John Patricia John
    CH Swift River's Firstime Round, CD RN JH NAJ NAP NJP SN26503401 Mary, Jennifer & Laura Walker Francis & Doug Phillips
    CH. Swift River's Just-A-Ponderin' RN JH SR03756103 Frances Phillips & Patricia John Francis & Doug Phillips
    GCH CH Ginjac-Magic Me I'm The One JH SR52570803 Michele Martin Gina Currier & Nichole Otterson
    CH. Diamond Creek's Guns N Roses, CD, RN, JH, CGC SR67602201 David & Amy Budke David & Amy Budke
    GCH Diamond Creek's Sugar Rush, RN, JH, CGC SR76806401 David & Amy Budke David & Amy Budke
    CH Top Shelf's Joyful Lee JH OA AXJ OF SR79480808 Wendy Archinal, Gail Schmieder, Jenny Kriegar Andrea Lee
    CH Repeat's Little 501 Blues JH RN BN CAA SR74750001 Todd Parmenter Julie Asmus
    GCH Millette's Sweet Memories BN, JH, AX, AXJ, NF, NAP, NJP, SR56126907 Wendy Archinal Michelle Millette, Cathy Dugan & Beverly Millette
    CH Ridona's Wild Prairie Wind CD JH SN17047703 Peggy & William Weir Jessica Anderson-Webber
    CH Ridona-Kobrae Radio Flyer CD RE JH SN67470502 Peggy Ann Weir Jessica Anderson-Webber & Naomi E. Rigas
    CH Kinship's Triumphant Pursuit, JH, NAJ, CGC SR76737105 Kim Hatton Kim Hatton
    GCH CH Brigadiers Molly's Little Dolly CA DJ JH SR80022503 Albert Stellwag, Gloria Stellwag & Paige Giebel Mike Lee, Julie Lee, Amy & Phil Booth
    GCH CH Hope's Get A Bird "Leap Of Faith" JH NA SR68827301 Laurie and Matt O'Donnell Doug & Kim Tighe
    CH Gugin's Prime Cut JH NA NAJ SR82058802 Cassandra & Jeffrey Gugin Tommy & Linda Thomas
    GCH CH Credit Kaze's Rock N Reign JH AX AXJ NF CGC SR80957502 Christine and Steven Harrison Victoria MacVicar, Robert J Howell & Jessie Schulz
    GCH CH Southgates JJ's Glorious Light NA JH SR39984008 Jeffrey Ellis Alexandra, Tim, & Lindsey Putnam, Nancy & Tony Morabito
    CH Top Shelf's The Chosen One JH NA NAJ OF SR79480801 Wendy Archinal Wendy Archinal, Gail Schmieder, Jennifer Krieger
    CH Goldstar's Dynamic Performance JH CA RA SR56410701 Patricia John Patricia John
    CH Dogwood Hollow Hi-Hope On The C's JH CGC CA RN Mary Claire Ctibor & Elizabeth Stibor Mary Claire Ctibor, Elizabeth Ctibor, Geri Clements & Cheryl Mika
    GCH Rao's Stone Quarry Blues CD BN JH CA RATN SR68462701 Teresa Armstrong Elaine Rhodes and Becky Rao
    CH Copley's Loaded Single Barrel JH RN SR83859502 Sharon Millspaugh Emily Fuzette, Robin Tomasi, Barbara Dayton , Karen Hanson
    CH Vict'rys Banner Over t'Point THDA CGC SR50828501 Nan Noble Diane Hedstrom
    CH Gerstdale's Capital Gains SH RN CGC TKN SR86618503 Harriet Tucker & Debbie Inferrera Debbie Inferrera
    CH Timberline's Lone Ranger NA SR79013301 Anthony Thompson, Teddi Montes- Botham Anthony Thompson, Teddi Montes-Botham, Nancy Hultquist
    GCH Swift River's Golden Opportunity JH NA SR87318603 Joyce Golden David & Fran Phillips
    GCH Tail'z End Turbo Power From Dual Lane's CGC JH TKN SR90309702 Fred, Sandy& Paige Giebel, & Albert & Gloria Stellwag Donna Harrison & Chris Robinson
    CH Do-Well's Gisele Of Chesabrit CD JH SD862224 Kathleen Heisler Beverly Duff

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