Skye Trophy
Best Bitch Trophy at the Gun Dog National Championships

    This trophy shall be called the “Skye” trophy in honor of the 1st bitch to win GDN; NGDC/FC/AFC Perpetuators Misty Skye. It shall be a non-retireable rotating trophy. The owner of the winner will receive a keeper plaque or trophy similar to those awarded with other non-retireable trophies. The trophy was donated by Darlene Dow and is a granite laser engraving of Skye framed on a wood base.
    At Ms. Dow’s request and with the Board’s approval, this award is made to the owner of the highest placing bitch in the National Gun Dog trials. In the case of tying placements between the open and the amateur the open bitch will receive the award.
2012FC/AFC ANJ's Amazing Grace
2013Diamond Hill She's Gone
2014FC/AFC Hits Showtime
2015DC/AFC Hipoint's Summer Time
2016FC/AFC High Hopes Little Ann
2017FC/AFC Emma Tayshon

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