ABC Junior Achievement Award

The Junior Achievement Award is designed to recognize young people for their varied interests with Brittanys, and to encourage well-rounded participation in all facets of dog ownership. An award will be given each year by the American Brittany Club to the one junior who in the eyes of the American Brittany Club Board of Directors most fulfills its basic premise.

The award will be presented at the American Brittany Club National Specialty. The Junior Achievement Award Chairman will be responsible for publicizing this Award and for soliciting applications. The Chair will review all applications and will send the resumes to the Board Liaison for Board distribution and decision. A plaque will be purchased and engraved with the name of the winner.

1. The junior must be between 10 and 18 years of age for the year being nominated.
2. The junior or, his/her parents must be a member in good standing of the ABC.
3. Consideration will be given to any dog-related activity with a Brittany, such as, but not limited to:

  • Any AKC event: conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, field trials or hunting tests.
  • Any academic endeavor such as term papers on the history of the Brittany or school assembly speech on purebred dog ownership.
  • Community service, such as nursing home visits, volunteering for rescue, etc…

The junior, or his/her sponsor, must submit to the Junior Achievement Chairman by September 1 a written account of the junior’s qualifications and accomplishments for the previous calendar year.

Where applicable, copies of titles, certificates, grades, letters of appreciation, etc., should be submitted with the nomination to verify authenticity.

Emphasis will be on excellence in a broad spectrum of activities.

Except in very unusual circumstances, a junior may win this award only once.

Nominations should be sent to the Junior Achievement Award Chairman
Karen Hanson, 2330 Twin Creeks Ln, Maidens, VA 23102

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