Belloaks Ginger Memorial & Ginger Trophy
(Trophy Write-Up)

Belloaks Ginger Memorial Trophy

Best Dog Handled by a Woman at the National Amateur Championship
(retired 1958)
For the first time in 1954, the Belloaks Ginger Memorial Trophy, donated by Jim & Marcelle Bell, was offered for the best woman handler in the stake. Competition was keen during the first years it was awarded. Lelah Welk won three times, Ruth Lee, Marcelle Bell and Ann White twice.
1954Gretchen YantDC Bonaire Doc
1955Marcelle BellFC Belloaks Ezra
1956Marcelle BellDC Belloaks Ibby
1957Ruth LeeFC Ferdinand Of Leeway
1958Ruth LeeFC Ferdinand Of Leeway (trophy retired)

Ginger Trophy

Best Lady Handler at the National Amateur Championship
(retired 2015 to Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame)
    The present woman handler's award is an ABC award and was first given in 1966. The first award was given to Lucille LaFleur with Rendezvous Skipper.
    The trophy shall be awarded for participation as a handler in the National Amateur Championship. At least three women must participate or the award will not be offered.
    It shall be awarded to the woman who does the best job of handling her dog. The dog does not have to place in the stake as the award is made on the merits of the person handling the dog.
    The original rules for awarding of the Best Lady Handlers' trophy appear in Fred White's book. They are the rules for the "Ginger Trophy" that was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Bell who set the requirements for the award.
    The present trophy was originally funded by donations from persons at the Nationals with the balance paid by the ABC. The above criteria was established by the Board at the time the trophy was accepted.
1966Lucille LaFleurNAC/FC/AFC Rendezvous Skipper
1967Edna CreeNAC/FC/AFC Little Ra Pa Luke
1968Joan McCraryNFC/FC Bazooka's Brandy
1969Judy CohenFC Jac Pierre's Pride
1970not awarded
1971Jan HooverDC Majestic Jake
1972Jan HooverDC Majestic Jake
1973Raedell PolingFC Air Cargo de Britt
1974-75not awarded
1976Jan HooverDC Majestic Jake
1977Carol BrownFC/AFC Speed Dusty Wind
1978-80not awarded
1981Ella ConableFC/AFC Ran-Bo's Royal Rebecca
1982Ella ConableFC/AFC Ran-Bo's Royal Rebecca
1983Sue HansenFC Bandee Tumbleweed Jill
1984Trudy WilleyFC Willey's Blaze of Hope
1985-89not awarded
1990Ralinda HowardFC Hybrittin's Little Rick
1991Ralinda HowardFC Hybrittin's Little Rick
1992Diana KubitzDC Renegade's Kansas Kid
1993Diana KubitzNAFC/DC Renegade's Kansas Kid
1994-95not awarded
1996Donna JanulisDC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole
1997Donna JanulisDC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole
1998-99not awarded
2000Donna JanulisNFC/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole
2001Martha GreenleeFC/AFC Ginger Quill
2002Donna JanulisNFC/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole
2003Martha GreenleeNAFC/FC Piney Run Sam
2004not awarded
2005Marilynne LittleDC/AFC Shady's Tia Maria
2006not awarded
2007Jessica CarlsonFC TJ's Prairie Blizzard
2008Lisa PollockFC/AFC Clyde's Micro Breeze
2009Lisa PollockFC/AFC TM's Tennessee Twister
2010-14not awarded

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