Christy's Feather Duster Trophy
    H.R. “Butch” Gerlock of the Midwest Brittany Club donated the Christy Feather Duster award to honor the highest placing bitch in the National trials. The award was started in memory of Dusty, Butch’s field champion bitch who died at an early age. The rotating trophy is a pair of Lalique quail on a rosewood base.
    This trophy shall be called the Christy's Feather Duster trophy and shall be a non-retireable rotating trophy. The owner of the winner shall receive a keeper plaque or trophy similar to those awarded with other non-retireable trophies.
    At Mr. Gerlach's request, and with the Board's approval, this award is made to the owner of the highest placing bitch in the National trials with any Open placement taking precedence over any Amateur placement.
1974FC Jacolet’s Wandering Star
1975DC/AFC Chipp Britt Jill
1976FC Pizzaz
1977FC/AFC La Pitt Pinoak Dixie
1978not awarded
1979FC Way Kan Feelin’ Free
1980FC Tinker’s Princess Jenny
1981not awarded
1982FC Timber’s Little Wish
1983FC Timber’s Little Wish
1984FC Minnehaha’s Tammy
1985not awarded
1986not awarded
1987NFC Minnehaha’s Tammy
1988FC Unique
1989FC Jack’s Rustic Bounce
1990not awarded
1991DC/AFC Bi-Mar Cinnabar Cindy
1992FC RFS Tiger’s Hollie
1993FC Huskey’s Ramblin’ Roan Brook
1994FC Jerob’s Magic Tradewinds
1995FC/AFC Rambling Rose VIII
1996FC Bay Arbor Traybon
1997FC Rebel’s JJ Wishful Thinking
1998not awarded
1999FC/AFC Chick’s Blazen Brandy
2000FC/AFC Pride and Joy’s Bunch Of Annie
2001FC Kahlua II
2002DC/AFC Microchips of Nutmeg
2003FC/AFC Pride and Joy’s Bunch Of Annie
2004DC/AFC Shady’s Tia Maria
2005Ajax Diamond Dyna-Mite
2006DC/AFC Shady’s Tia Maria
2007DC/AFC Jayhawker Tequila With A Twist
2008DC/AFC TJ's Single Shot of Scipio
2009FC/AFC TM's Tennessee Twister
2010DC/AFC TJ's Single Shot of Scipio
2011DC/AFC MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio
2012FC Savannah's Hot Shot
2013FC Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy
2014NAFC/DC/AFC MTB Cabo Rita De Scipio
2015FC/AFC Ru-Jem's "Last " Penny
2016FC/GFC Georgias Texas Two Step
2017FC Sniksoh Little Diamond

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