Chester Award

Best Lady Handler at the National Gun Dog Championship
(retired 2015 to Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame)

    The non-retireable rotating trophy shall be awarded for participation as a handler in the National Amateur Gun Dog Championship. At least three women must participate or the award will not be offered.
    It shall be awarded to the woman who does the best job of handling her dog. The dog does not have to place in the stake as the award is made on the merits of the person handling the dog.
    The original rules for awarding of the Best Lady Handlers’ trophy appear in Fred White’s book. They are the rules for the “Chester Award”. The winner will receive a keeper plaque or trophy similar to those awarded with other non-retireable trophies. The trophy was donated by Bo and Renae Ackerman in honor of 2x NGDC/FC/AFC Winchester of Hanging Jaze. It is a granite laser engraving of Chester framed on a wood base.
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