Agility High In Trial Trophy

KAZE MEMORIAL TROPHY – in memory of CH MACH5 Chilcote Kaze-Kaoru CDX JH MXB2 MJC2 AXP MJP2 MXF. The trophy is awarded to encourage all past, current and future Agility Brittanys. The trophy is offered by Chilcote/Credit, Zax & Kaze Brittanys and is a traveling trophy to be awarded to the Agility High In Trial team held in conjunction with the National or Summer Specialty or a significant AKC Brittany Agility competition (i.e., Brittany Club’s first AKC Agility Trial). The method of determination is as follows:

1. All Brittanys entered are eligible for the HIT trophy, levels Novice thru Masters.

2. The Standard and JWW classes are used to determine the HIT. A dog must be entered and run in both Standard and JWW classes and needs to have qualified in at least one of them and not received an “E” in either class.

3. Dogs with scores of 100 in both classes are the first to be evaluated for HIT. If there are 2 or more dogs with 2 scores of 100, the dog with the highest average Yards Per Second (YPS) is the HIT.

4. When faults come into play, scoring will be as it is done at the AKC Agility Nationals: For each fault (R, W, F, T), 5 seconds will be added to the dog's run time. Then YPS will be determined.

5. Average YPS is calculated by (Standard YPS + JWW YPS) divided by 2.

6. In the event of a tie for the highest average YPS, the dog with the highest YPS in the JWW class will be the winner.

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