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    August 1-4, 2024

    Location: Canfield Fairgrounds, Rt 46, Canfield Ohio 44406

    The shows will be held In conjunction with the Steel Valley Cluster

    Supt. MBF
    Po 22107
    Greensboro NC 27420
    Ph 336-379-9352

    Entries will close on 08/17/2024
    12 pm est with the event supt.

    Host club is Kentucky Brittany Club for the summer specialty.

    Other events are as follows:

    Thurs 8/1/2024
    Kentucky Brittany Club
    To be held In conjunction with
    Fort Steuben Kc

    Friday 8/2/2024
    Anthracite Brittany Club (pending akc variance)
    To be held In conjunction with
    Columbiana Kc

    Saturday 8/3/2024
    ABC summer specialty
    To be held In conjunction with
    Beaver County Kc

    Sunday 8/4/2024
    Pennsylvania Brittany club
    To be held In conjunction with
    Mahoning Shenango Kc

    The ABC application has been filled out and is being snail mailed to the exec secretary for her signature today. This events judge has been hired by the all breed club and is pending a signed contract for the abc event. Once I get notified they have that I will provide the info to post on the web page.

    Kentucky Bc application is completed and pending a judge from the all breed clubs list it will be mailed in to akc today and updated when judge is chosen.
    Anthracite has contacted akc re: a variance as being out of territory for this event. Should not be an issue as itís in conjunction with a parent club event.
    We will have an all inclusive stand alone ring area for all events with Ringside day parking, adjacent rv parking will also be available and a ringside groom tent. A second tent will have picnic tables for event lunches, raffles and silent auction items as each club wishes to hold.

    Our plan is to also hopefully offer the abc breed seminar potentially on Friday and ringside mentoring on Saturday for prospective judges. (Pending Judges Ed approval)

    Linda McCartney
    Kentucky Bc
    Abc East Coast BOD

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