2023 ABC Derby Invitational Standings

Unofficial standings: as of 11-15-2023
*official points calculated only after being verified via official trial results
Statistician: Steven Foster

Points   Dog   Owner
240   Turning Points Ring of Fire   J.Nelson/M. Claypool
234   I'm Gonna Bee   D. Campbell
192   B&E's Little Miss Millie   B. Odam
124   Miss Ruby Renegade   R. Wheeler
120   Tequilla Shameless   P. Baird
114   Hit's 2 Faced Parker   J. & R. Kiracofe
88   DC's This Better Be the One   B. McCandless
84   Sovereign's Legendary Rascal   J. Lioy, A. Greubel, J. & D. Droel
83   Kid's Renegade Red   B. Heiter
72   PK's Count On Me   P. Van De Coevering
70   KJ's Eva the Diva   K. Thompson
66   Find A Bird Dixie   C. Selix
65   Circle C's Straight Shooter   B. Crawford
62   High Hopes She's All Assets   S. & R. Gauthier
60   Far Out Field's Cashed In On The Birds   L. Mustion
56   Sovereign's Legendary Power   D. Droel & J. Droel/D. Ziegler & C. Zielger
52   St. Clair's Prince of Darkness   J. St Clair
48   Artemis Sunshine Von Huberhaus   A.T. Patterson
48   Civil War   S. James/D. Dodson
48   Glade Run goober   D. Webb
48   Piney Run Perseverance   M. Haesche
48   Starlight's Mercury Revelation   T. Richmond
46   Owyhee Desert Cowboy   R. Axtell
44   Sniksoh Rajin Paigen   B. Koepke/K. Fujikawa
44   Tuff's Winchester   R. & M. Trimble
40   HTM Gaining Altitude Cheyenne   H. Manifold
40   MT View's Let's Rock 'n' Roll   D. Serago
34   Going Solo   S. Chang
32   Bulloch's Ace in the Hole   T. Bulloch

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