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    Blue Mountain - J. Perry Mikles WDA, Booneville, Arkansas
    November 23 - November 26
    (43 starters)

    L to R: Joe Gower, Steve Ralph with Blew Me Away, Judge Bonnie Hidalgo, Richard Beaver,
    Kent Patterson with Tequila Scorcher, Judge William Smith, Jack Alexander, Jan Kilpatrick,
    Crystal Alexander with Jwb Arctic Cat, Robert Rankin, Tommy Thomas with Spanish Corral's Sunny Patch

    FC Blew Me Away
        NAFC/GFC/FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid x FC Blew By Yet?
        owner Norman Ahl & Terry Ahl, handler Joe Gower

    Runner Up
    GFC/DC/AFC Tequila Scorcher
        DC Almaden's River Of Shadows x DC/AFC Tequila With A Twist
        owner Charles B. Crain, handler Richard Beaver

    3rd Place
    FC/AFC Jwb Arctic Cat
        Maxwell's Outer Limits x Chancey's Frozen Asset
        owner Jack Alexander & Crystal Alexander, handler Jack Alexander

    4th Place
    NAFC/GFC/GAFC/FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sunny Patch
        NAFC/GFC/FC/AFC Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid x AFC Midas Blazin' Amber Skies
        owner Joe Gower, handler Joe Gower


    Blue Mountain - J. Perry Mikles WDA, Booneville, Arkansas
    November 28 - December 3
    (61 starters)

    L to R: Carla Tracy, Tom Tracy, Steve Chang with Roustabout All In, Ed Janulis, Burton Wice,
    Richard Beaver with MK's Magnificent Bandito, Harlyn & Scott Johnson, Raus Tracy with Ru-Jem's "Last" Penny,
    Jerry McGee, Judge Jarrett Bell, Judge Allison Bell, Kent Patterson with Piney Run Hilltop Blew

    FC Roustabout All In
        Maxwell's Outer Limits x Cedar Valley Lilly
        owner Bo Ackerman, handler Tom Tracy Jr.

    Runner Up
    FC/AFC MK's Magnificent Bandito
        FC/AFC Tee-Bone x FC/AFC Chief's Nubbin's My Lil Lady
        owner Bill & Mary Lynn Oliver, handler Scott Johnson

    3rd Place
    NAFC/GFC/FC/AFC Ru-Jem's "Last" Penny
        FC Trademarks's ATM x Red Bud Zipper
        owner Ruth & Jerry McGee, handler Tom Tracy Jr.

    4th Place
    Piney Run Hilltop Blew
        Piney Run Chalk x Piney Run Chicklet
        owner Kent Patterson, handler Kent Patterson

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