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    November 20-23, 2019
    Kay Rodgers Park - Expo center
    4400 Midland Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR
    Superintendent: Roy Jones

    DNA: All dogs entered in the ABC National Specialty Show (with the exception of dogs registered with an ILP/PAL number and dogs under the age of 2 years at the start of the event) must have a DNA profile, either permanent or temporary, on record with the AKC or Field Dog Stud Book. The DNA number must be included on all entry forms.


    Regular & Non-Regular Classes
    Mrs. Debbie Melgreen
    Ms. Jessica Carlson

    National Specialty Committee & Chairs
    East Coast
    Nancy Morabito
    Chuck Lawrence
    Sandy Malloy
    East Central
    Kassie Hamaker
    Peggy Snider
    Cheryl Mika
    Louise Brown
    Matt Chumbley
    Colleen Walsh
    Jody Kirtley
    Rose Leale
    Karen Livingston
    West Coast
    Jacqui Campbell
    Dianne Kroll
    Shellie Sitsma

    National Specialty Chair: Dawn Droel 651-260-3272
    Agility Co-Chair: Sue Drazek & Aimee Schilling
    Obedience & Rally Chair: Cindy Miller
    Trophy Chair: Kassie Hamaker 269-781-5920
    Action Chair: Jacqui Campbell 425-308-0750
    Apparel Chair: Louise Brown 662-299-2806
    Raffle Coordinator: Rose Leale 832-493-2109

    2019 Inaugural National Best of Breed Pictorial Display

    It is with great pleasure that the National Specialty Show committee would like to announce their new endeavor. The 2019 National Specialty Show will unveil a display of all the National Best of Breed winners dating back to the inaugural event in 1943. In order to make this presentation a success, we are asking for your help in acquiring photos/information from each dog. Here’s what we need:
  • NSS Best of Breed win photo, emailed in high resolution
  • Call name of dog, owners full names
  • Write up of dog
    The display will consist of a photo of each dog. Dogs winning multiple times will have all years listed and all owners, but only one photo per dog. Older dogs will be challenging because of the dated technology, therefore those photos will need to be smaller and of course in black and white. In addition, we will include a short write up of 300 words or less to be submitted by the owners or breeders. Anyone with knowledge or history of the earlier dogs please email that information to me as well.

    Please email your photos and write ups to Peggy Snider at: by August 1, 2019. Please join us in making this a successful exhibit, one that we can all enjoy for many years to come!

    Listing of ABC National Specialty Best Of Breed Winners - Owners

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